Week 9

Dear Challengers,


Hope you are all having a good day & drinking lots of water, it is very hot today.

Just wanted to remind you that I will be having a workout tomorrow after work, let me know if you will be joining me. Our challenge is coming to an end on April 1st, that does not mean we have to stop working out, I would like to continue with the workouts and hope you will join me, let’s continue on our journey to living a healthier life together.

The Final weigh-in will be on April 1st, the winner will be determined on percentage of weight loss, not total weight loss.  This is determined by total pounds lost divided by your start weight multiplied by 100.  Also, the person with the most points will get a 1 pound advantage.  Everyone must weigh-in by 10am to be considered for the prize.  The winner will be announced in the afternoon after I get all the results from Linda.

April 1st is National Walking Day, I will be doing a 3 to 5 mile walk, hope you all will be joining me, I will be raffling some fun little prizes & Pink Turtle goodies, let’s do this walk together & celebrate all our hard work & dedication.

One last thing for today, I ordered some more equipment to add to our workouts, some of you have been asking if you can pitch in money to contribute, the answer is “No”, what I can suggest is, if you have other workout equipment or would like to purchase something to add to what we have you can. 

Below is an article on 7 easy tips for waist & weight loss.

To our health,