Hello Challengers,

 I want to announce the winner of points, that person gets a 1 pound advantage, the winner of points is Alice, she earned 16 points, Jeannie came in second with 14 points.

All the numbers are being calculated and I will announce the winner of our challenge this afternoon.  Let me know if you will be joining me after work on the walk.  I also want to remind you that just because the challenge is over, it does not mean we need to stop working out, lets continue on our journey together to reach our goals, I say we start another challenge in a couple of months.  I plan on having a workout on Friday, next week will be Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.

This has been such a fun & positive experience, we are all winners!! 


Love & Hugs to you all,


P.S. Total combined pounds lost by those who weighed in today:   24.5